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Druha Trava - Official website


Robert Krestan's Czech Radio Appearance

Listen to Robert Krestan [and the music of Druha Trava] during a guest appearance on an Olomouc, Czech Republic radio show.

Catching Up With Our Fans

Druhá Tráva looks forward to returning to the U.S. in 2013 for a full scale tour!

Join Our Mailing List

It's been years in the making and now we have finally put it together...a mailing list, so that we can keep in touch you.

American Bluegrass, Imported By A Czech Band

NPR's Don Gonyea normally reports on politics, but he finds other stories along the way, like this one about a touring bluegrass band from the Czech Republic.

Radio Show on KPIG Radio 107,5

We have another radio show ...you can hear us talking and playing live..today - October30, 10 AM

Radio show

Hey, we have upcoming radio show on KRCB station, October 27th, 8-10PM California time!

Review from Cedar Rapids (IA) concert

Druha Trava brought their bluegrass fusion from the Czech Republic to CSPS in Cedar Rapids on Oct. 19, 2011. The band, founded in 1991, has toured the United States every year since 1994, except for 2008. (Druha Trava photo)

Monday Music: Traveling the ´Czechgrass´ Trail

See blog by Ruth Ellen Gruber about Druha Trava and the recording of their new English album: ´Czechgrass´ Trail

2011 20th Annivesary schedule posted

Druha Trava´s tour schedule is now posted. A number of potential gigs still say TBA, but as the schedule gets settled they will be confirmed or removed. It is now confirmed that Druha Trava will appear at the 2012 Wintergrass Festival in Washington state. See schedule for information.

Press Release - 2011 TOUR

The legendary Czech band Druha Trava is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with two new CDs it will introduce to U.S. fans when it returns to America in mid-October for a month-long tour.

2011 TOUR - 20th anniversary of Druha Trava!

Druha Trava will be touring the US this October and November. It is the 20th anniversary of the group´s formation. More details will be posted soon. Be sure to see them this year if they come to your area, as they will not be touring the US in 2012. However, they will probably be appearing at Wintergrass in Washington state February, 2012.

Druha Trava on NPR

NPR´s correspondent Don Gonyea thought DT was terrific when he heard them play ahead of President Obama´s address in Prague.

Druha Trava opens for President Obama

Druha Trava was honored to perform this morning before President Obama s speech at Prague Castle.

2009 tour

Druha Trava is definitely planning on touring the US this fall in September and possibly early October. In the coming months tour dates will be posted as contracts are received. During the past year the band has been performing with percussionist David Landstof, who has a jazz background and also performs with Lenka Dusilova and in an Irish band with Lubos Malina and Katka Garcia.

current concerts
27/09/2020 Ratiboøice
11/10/2020 Znojmo
12/10/2020 Plzeò
15/10/2020 Ústí nad Orlicí
19/10/2020 Jihlava
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Robert Krestan's Czech Radio...

Listen to Robert Krestan [and the music of Druha Trava] during a guest appearance on an Olomouc, Czech Republic radio show.


Druha Trava is a wonderfully individual band from the Czech Republic that is hard to describe.

They perform new acoustic world music with bluegrass influences. You might hear them perform a bluegrass tune, Bob Dylan tune or one by another American or British artist, or one of their many originals.

Though they basically use a typical bluegrass complement of instruments, you might see the banjo player also pick up a clarinet or Irish whistle. This along with the versatility of the dobro player helps create much of their unique sound. The Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic declared Druha Trava "Group of the Year" in both 2005 and 2006.

Booking U.S.: Bea Flaming - bea@druhatrava.com - phone: 612-929-9368
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